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European Style Painting Services in Ventura

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European style painting in Ventura

There is always something interesting about beautifully built houses, the design should be impressive, the exterior should be up to the mark, the paint should be in dynamic color combination, and it should overall should provide a sense of pleasure just by viewing it. This is the type of presence that is established by a classic  European style homes. They not only have an extraordinary exterior which is obviously mesmerizing, but their specific way of painting is also equally embellishing, something that pleases the eye and the heart.

Construction of European style houses

European houses are normally worked with masonry, there is additionally a custom of development in Europe which includes brick work, and which goes back a few hundred years. Examining this style of construction reveals that workmanship on these homes is more natural and more sustainable than customary wood development, for a few reasons. To begin with, fewer trees are reaped, and more backwoods stays in place. Trees are a noteworthy carbon sequestering power in nature: they expel CO2 from the environment and make oxygen. Europeans thoroughly understand the importance of this, and understand how masonry is a better form of construction, which is why this extraordinary idea has now become sort of a tradition or an identity of house construction in Europe.

If you notice, many homes in Europe have a typical shape, like a slanting roof on two sides and the middle part of the house, or a lawn connected. The slanting roof shape which is pointy from the top, and is a significant part on almost every European house that I’ve seen, it looks so homey, which is part of the charm and beauty.

Traditional European painting scheme on Blue house

European style residential painting

As a professional painting company, this is the aspect of European home design which is most relevant to us. Just as noteworthy as the exterior design is, the painting is also beautiful, enough to make you fawn over the professionalism in the painting of every house. Well known for their high quality paints, expertise in the field of painting a house, nuanced detailed technique, and vibrant color combinations, European styled house painting surely makes the cut for being one of the beautiful painting styles in the world. It contains a certain charm, refinement, and level of craftsmanship that is consistent with excellent art, and any home painted using this technique and philosophy has a certain presence about it which is difficult to articulate in words, but it’s easy to understand if you’re observing an example of a home known to have a European style house painting design.

Classic European color selection on home in Europe

European style paint color palletes

Speaking of the color combinations, of course, colors are something which plays a vital role in attracting an eye, which is why a perfect color scheme is very important. Europeans are very conscious about this factor; they want a color scheme that goes perfectly with the exterior, not too fancy and not too muted, generally vibrant but tastefully understated. Classic palettes might involve a cream color for the borders and a little darker shade of yellow, or in a darker tone they might want to go with a grey tone. Of course, there are no rules, and in general if a color scheme looks excellent and is tasteful, it is considered appropriate. Another interesting idea about European quality house painting is that because the house is painted in such a detailed focused manner, painting schemes which might not not translate well if painted in a more common American style technique can really stand out well as a result of the tasteful nuances associated with European painting. You’ll notice the central themes regarding European quality painting are focused around high quality, nuanced detail, and refined taste. For some projects this may result in a tastefully understated appearance, and in other cases this may allow for a more dramatic design that is accentuated by the European appointments.

Amazingly detailed painting work

The European cutting techniques are also so detailed and beautifully done that you might just wonder how details is humanly possible. Working with patience and absolute professionalism, European style house painting is something that is very refreshing, particularly for homes in America. Some common characteristics include making sure to paint from top to bottom which helps the painter manage their streaks and to ensure uniformity in the painting style. After painting the major parts of the exterior, then comes the detailing. The painter will make sure detailing is done in an absolute perfect way with literally no room for objections or mistakes. Using high quality cutting tools, they draw designs or strokes or whatever is required, and fill in with paint of the desired color. This not only makes it look admirable but also impressive as to how amazingly detailed the work is.

European style trim painting in historic western European home

Using high quality paints

We also haven’t mentioned the quality of the paint itself. Obviously when a painter is spending so much time to perfect every detail of the painting project, it’s important that the actual paint is of a very high quality. While a master painter can often get great results using average quality paint simply by focusing on extreme accuracy and careful detail, these details will be further accentuated with high quality paint, and even the casual observer will sense a certain presence of extended quality and craftsmanship when the highest quality paints are used. Great quality paint also tends to have the effect of lasting longer and being more resistant to weather related wear, damage, and deterioration.

Key points of European style painting
  • Follows the legacy of traditional European design
  • Extremely detailed work
  • Professionalism and pride in every step of the painting process
  • The exterior of your house looks absolutely stunning
  • The color scheme is carefully thought out to match with the exterior of the house

Because of the many advantages listed above, and simply the fact that these European style painted houses look astonishing, it’s easy to understand why homeowners with an awareness of the European approach to house painting specifically request this for their home. Keep in mind, that although much of the traditional European painting technique was developed using stone as the most common substrate, it’s easily applied to wooden homes as well. As a professional painting in Ventura where many homes are built mostly from wood, we’ve had amazing results on homes using wood, stone, and stucco.

European style painting company in Ventura California

We’re not aware of many companies and painting services in Ventura or the Southern California area that incorporate the traditional European painting style into their house painting services. Our painting service gives you the traditional European touch, and we guarantee quality and satisfaction on all projects.