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Making House Painting a Joyous Experience

by Euro Kelas Painting Ventura

Making House Painting a Joyous Experience

Our home is our prized possession; an asset and one of our most valued things. Every corner of the house, and everything in the house, reflects our personal taste and sense of aesthetics. Some may suggest that the manner in which a person maintains their house is a direct reflection of their personality. The interior, exterior and every other part of the house needs to be well maintained in order to preserve the home’s beauty and general structural integrity.

Being a homeowner involves the responsibility of maintaining and keeping up the house. In most homes, there are generally a few things that require a fix, repair, cleaning or renovation service. House painting is a part of regular upkeep of your home, but one that is often overlooked. This is unfortunate for two reasons:

Why Painting Maintenance and Preparation is Important

First, maintaining the home’s paint, trim painting, and other adjacent features like baseboards, chair runners, and other fine details, is perhaps the best way to maintain an amazing appearance. Paint is the type of feature where you don’t really notice how worn it is until it’s been updated and repaired, and then you wonder how you went so long without fixing it.

Regular painting maintenance helps preserve a polished quality for your home.

Second, neglecting painting maintenance can actually have more serious implications than just making your home look worn down. A significant amount of the work we provide when we paint your home is done prior to painting or separately for painting. We repair any woodwork that may be softening from moisture damage, rotted, or otherwise deteriorating. Catching damage or wear like this before it becomes a widespread issue can save you money on repairs and helps to keep your home in good condition. Mold and mildew can be a problem in many homes, especially in Ventura where there is a lot of moisture in the air, and where many homes are very close to the ocean. We provide mold and mildew treatments that help prevent these funguses from spreading. We can also repair damage to sheetrock, deteriorating plaster, rusting metalwork, cracked or uneven surfaces, and most other kinds of common household wear and tear. When you have your home painted, a thorough painting service like Euro Kelas takes care of a lot of maintenance around your home, so you’re keeping your home in good order as well as maintaining its appearance.

Comprehensive painting preparation will give your home the longest lasting results.

More to Consider About Painting Your Home

Over time and use and due to harsh weather conditions, the paint on our walls is prone to damage, fading away or chipping off. This can also be the result of other factors such as moisture, water, sunlight or damage due to external force. Whatever the reason, a poorly painted house looks shabby and deprives the home of some of its charm. Also, residential painting is more than just a few strokes of brush here and there! It requires specific pre and post work for a perfect look and finish. While you may be considering a DIY house painting project, you’ll be surprised by how much work it actually needs. Getting a professional service for your residential painting will deliver better and long lasting results. Keep in mind there are painting companies in Ventura who provide what we’d consider just a “color change” service. As the name implies, this is basically just changing the color of the walls. This might be ok if your home is in pristine condition, but if it isn’t, you’ll be disappointed by the “unfinished” appearance of the work. And while we never like to comment too much on the work of other companies (we try to let our painting speak for itself), we find that painters who don’t do any prep work, and just offer a simple color change, tend to not provide very polished work even when performing that color change. In our experience, almost every painting project will require at least a small amount of prep work, and even if you’re just going for a color change, we still recommend a painting contractor who at least offers comprehensive painting preparation and maintenance, because this is often an indicator of greater attention to detail and a level of thoroughness you will appreciate, regardless of the size of your project.

We provide European quality house painting with very nuanced detail.

An expert residential painting service offers more than just beautiful walls. With an expert you can be sure of the outcome, a long lasting result and a complete makeover for your house from the bottom to the surface. But with so many companies promising a great residential painting service, how does one choose the very best?

Points to consider when hiring a house painting company

Quality Services and Products

High quality skill is the very first thing you need. Timely services combined with complete customer satisfaction is a must. Also, you want to make sure that the products used by the company are also of the highest quality. Low or bad quality products are more prone to damage and may not give the desired result at all!

Complete Package

Before the painting, it is necessary to do some basic painting prep work to ensure the best result. This includes removal or repair of the plaster, repairing the walls off any damages or treating them to ensure the wall does not result in damaging the paint. If the wall is damaged or broken, the paint will not be able to fix it and as a matter of fact, the paint will only get damaged too. You want to make sure the company offers everything and not just painting.

Specific to your Needs

All of us have a unique taste and specific requirement when it comes to keeping up our house. There are no fixed solutions for all and the company must be able to cater to individual needs. Be it the color or the look and appearance or even the repair needs, the company must be able to work according to the individual needs of every customer.

Value for Money

When you pay for services you want them to be better than you expected! Make sure the company you hire for your house painting job does not empty your pockets, even worse leaves you disappointed with the quality of work. Look for affordable service providers who deliver complete value for the money you pay for their services.

Use Thorough and Detailed Painters For Your Painting Project

Your home deserves the very best of services and no compromises must be made to that effect. Whether it’s a special occasion you are prepping your house for or just a regular upkeep, only trust the very best and experts to handle your house painting needs. Residential painting requires skill, understanding and the knowledge to know what repairs and treatments are necessary for the perfect paint outcome. Anyone can paint a house and change the color of the walls but only an expert can make house painting a truly joyous and satisfactory experience- for the walls and the home owners!