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Two-tone Grey Exterior Painting For House In Ventura

by Euro Kelas Painting Ventura

Two-tone Grey Exterior Painting For House In Ventura

We recently complete an exterior painting project for a house in Ventura, CA. Grey is a popular color for many homes in the area, especially for exterior painting requests. In this case the color scheme actually used two separate shades of grey paint. This can create an interesting effect, and it's a good way to add a bit of dimension to a color that may otherwise lack depth.

One thing to note when painting a house in this style is that the two shades of grey paint must complement each other nicely. If the paints are too similar, it will look unfinished or like the paints were unintentionally mismatched. Once two grey paints which appear to go together nicely are chosen, then it's a matter of deciding which shade to use on which surfaces. Pairing a light grey and dark grey paint creates a pleasing contrast, and this is generally the best way to pair two shades of the same color family. As you can see from the picture of this home, we used the lighter grey paint on the primary surfaces, and used the darker grey paint for the trim areas and the doors. This created a very tasteful color scheme. After tastefully selecting paint shades, it's important to follow though by executing a very tight and clean application to accentuate the colors and the architecture of the home.

This client had very specific colors in mind, and particularly with grey shades, it's extremely important to represent the shades with complete accuracy. If there is any variation in the color, it will be noticeable, especially aross larger surfaces such as garage doors.

We continue to complete many dozens of painting projects like this throughout Ventura each year. If you're seeking a painting contractor in Ventura County for a new painting project, please contact us to request a quote.

Exterior painting for grey house in Ventura