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Detailed new painting for farm house in Camarillo

by Euro Kelas Painting Ventura

Detailed new painting for farm house in Camarillo

Euro Kelas painting provides extremely detailed, technically correct painting services. This means each phase of the painting project is handled very diligently. We’re meticulous about prepping each surface. For stucco we carefully remove any peeling areas, for wood we repair any soft or rotten areas, and we go through every detail of the surface we’re about to paint then repair, patch, and address any problem areas prior to painting. This work of preparing to paint is actually a very significant portion of the painting process. This detailed repair and touch up work is one of the main differences between painters who just do quick “color change” work, and very thorough professional painters. “Color change” painters tend to do just that, simply paint a new color over an existing color. When the substrate (the surface that is being painted) isn’t carefully prepared, the finished paint job usually has defects that cause it to simply not look as good as possible, and the painted surface tends to deteriorate faster which inevitably leads to the surface needing to be repainted again in a few years or sooner. All of that said, Euro Kelas specializes in providing rigorous preparation work and exacting detail that will last for a very long time.

Farm house painting project in Camarillo

We always appreciate when a customer shares the same attention to detail as us. We recently competed a painting project completely repainting a farm house in the Camarillo area of Ventura County. This home is very important to the customer, and they wanted to be sure that everything was carried out pefectly. Having this farm house painting perfectly was a must have for this customer. They called around and talked to many painting companies in Ventura County before meeting with us and having us bid on the job. They spoke with numerous references to verify that we were a trusted painting contractor and could complete the work according to their very high standards. This may be uncomfortable for some local painting companies, but we completely understand that customers want to hire the absolute best person for the job, and regardless of the customer's expectations, we always complete each painting project at the highest level and make sure to cover every possible detail with precision. Our established customers know this and are happy to provide enthusiastic references. In this case, we were very pleased to have a project where the customer's need for precision and accuracy matched up perfectly with our workflow.

After meeting with numerous painting contractors and checking our references thoroughly, the customer decided we were the best company for the job. This project was very important to the customer, and they made sure to monitor our work throughout the entire process to verify that everything was done at the highest level. When we were finished the customer was overjoyed not only with the results of the work, but with the careful manner in which we handled every phase of the project. They were so pleased that they gave us a resoundingly positive review. The fact that we were able to satisfy a customer with the highest possible standards demonstrates the extremely high quality of our work and the high standards to which every project we work on conforms.