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What Type of Activities Does Residential Painting Involve?

by Euro Kelas Painting Ventura

What Type of Activities Does Residential Painting Involve?

Residential painting is quite an involved process. A carefully performed painting job involves significantly more effort more than adding a basic layer of new paint over an existing layer of paint. Professional painting companies, if they’re doing their job correctly, make sure that the surface is first prepared correctly to put on a new coat of paint.

For a beautiful and long lasting painting job, whether it’s the interior or exterior of the house, the painter must eliminate a few problems before the new paint is applied. If this preparation procedure is not followed, the new paint is not going to last long and it won’t look its best. In fact, your money will go to waste and your house will appear as if it hasn’t been maintained in a while. Many homes you see which appear to look worn down or need maintenance may have actually had painting work performed within the last few years. Unfortunately, many of these homes didn’t use a professional service, and instead either had a handyman or a friend just paint over the existing wall.

Why Hire Professional Painting Services?

The short answer is that professional painting services eliminate the problems described above. Professional painting services treat each surface before applying a fresh coat of paint, and a very skilled painter will have the ability to perform woodwork, remove rotted wood, eradicate mold, eliminate rust, repair stucco, address problem areas, and generally improve the condition of the areas of your home which are going to be painted. A professional painting contractor isn’t just painting your home, they’re restoring various areas of your home and reconditioning each surface.

A well manicured home's interior after a careful painting project.

It’s important to understand the difference between a detailed painting contractor and a color changing handyman. A painting job that is quickly plastered on and is not rounded off with finishing will deteriorate quickly. This might be okay for a woodshed or a fence, but regardless of what is being painted, over the time untreated surfaces will deteriorate. Walls, roof, windows and other surfaces can experience wear and tear as well. Many homes suffer from the problem of mold or mildew. At other times, the wood around windows and doors can become damaged. Roofs may be prone to leaks. There are several other similar problems.

These problems must be addressed before a new residential painting job. Mold and mildew have the ability to spread throughout the property if not controlled and the source not eliminated. A new paint over mold affected surface will not put a stop to it. It may cover up the damage for a few weeks but eventually, the stubborn mold will break through the fresh paint. Wood that is damaged can’t be hidden through varnish or paint. There is no point in painting a leaky roof because it is a sheer waste of money. In California there are extensive regulations regarding mold and mildew, so if you’re a homeowner renting to tenants, hiring a licensed painting contractor who is thorough in these areas is an absolute must.

Services Provided by Professional Painting Company

A professional painting company takes a residential painting job quite seriously. They provide services aimed at several residential damages. Before starting an actual painting job, they identify the problems that need to be addressed.

A painting crew preparing the outdoor surfaces of a home for a new painting project.

Wood Work

Woodwork can be found in several places in some residences. Doors, window frames, kitchen cabinets and room closets are also made from wood. Wood can experience certain wear and tear over time. You may see scratches and dents. A handyman may try to cover them up with filling in the paint but that does not last long. In fact, after some time, such a simple paint job may not look good. Professional painting services will repair the wood before applying fresh paint and varnish.

Mold Treatments

Mold is particularly annoying. It is significant to treat the mold and identify its sources to prevent its spread. A simple paint job will only cover up the damage and not for long. Professional painting services will treat the mold effectively and apply the new paint later. The result is clean and fresh looking walls, remember that mold has multiple health consequences so you must treat it effectively.

Wallpaper Stripping

Applying new paint over the old wallpapers is not a smart move. It won’t give clean finished look. Moreover, your walls may seem uneven at closer inspection. Professional painting company will remove the old wallpaper cleanly off the walls. Only then the new paint will be applied.

Preparation and Finishing

Professional painters not only have the right equipment but have detailed knowledge of how to complete a good paint job. They will start the job by prep work and complete it with finishing services. There are several other services like staining, popcorn ceiling removal, plastering, priming, minor sheetrock repairs, patching, peeling ceiling and calcimine treatments.

Exterior Treatments

Exterior painting jobs must be started after dealing with the problems of external walls. The exterior of the house is exposed to rainwater, wind and dust. Depending on the materials used on the exterior, problems like rust, stucco, flaking paint, mold, mildew and dry rot can occur.

Stucco Repair

The stucco used for the architecture of the residence can be worn and torn over time. This damage needs to be dealt with before new paint is applied. If the stucco is not repaired, it will only deteriorate under the surface adding more damage to the exterior.

Rust Removal

Due to exposure to rain and moisture in the air, certain surfaces may become prone to rust. Like mold, rust must be removed to have nicely finished paint job. Paint applied without removing the rust will soon be eaten through and you will be back to square one.

Dry Rot

Dry rot can affect the wood that is used on the exterior of the house. It may also be caused by fungus. Dry rot can lead to cracking. It can greatly hinder the look of the house from the outside. A simple paint job is not enough to treat this problem. Before new paint, dry rot treatment must be applied to restore the aesthetic appearance of the house