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Meticulous preparation is very important on every exterior painting project. In Ventura County, the exterior of your home is exposed to wind, sand, the salty sea air, rain, dust, dirt, and other debris. These elements wear on the exterior of your home, gradually deteriorating the paint and the side of your home. Whether your home’s exterior is wood, stucco, or metal, the siding needs to be carefully prepped prior to painting. Because the exterior is exposed to weather and the elements it is forced to endure wear and tear which the interior of your home doesn’t experience.

Each type of substrate is prone to it’s own set of issues, and the location of the home combined with the substrate material makes each exterior painting project a unique challenge. Dry rot is often found in wood, particularly in moist areas by the sea like Ventura County. Other issues including substrate which is peeling away, stucco which is peeling off of the wall, wood which is growing mildew, mold growth on wood, mildew or mold growth on paint, and metal which is growing rust. The large majority of exterior painting projects have at least one of these issues when we arrive on the job.

Paint needs to be applied to a smooth, clean, uniform surface which is free of any defects. A significant portion of the painting project is the substrate preparation. This means removing any mold or mildew; repairing any soft or rotten wood; sanding and repairing any loose or flaking stucco; and treating any rusted metal. Those are just the basics of the preparation phase. We carefully address any other issues like nail holes, scratches, dents in wood, or anything else found in a surface which may affect the quality of the paint job. This process is extremely important and the quality and durability of your home’s paint depends on this work being done properly.

Exterior painting preparation includes:

  • Wood repair
  • Stucco repair
  • Dry rot removal
  • Rust treatment
  • Smoothing of all surfaces
  • Mold and mildew treatment and removal
  • Removal of flaking paint and stucco
  • Other treatment or repair as necessary

For more information please contact us. We will thoroughly assess your project and advise you on each step of the painting procedure.

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